Australia Melbourne Melbourne - CBD

Little Mule Cafe

Tucked away down a little lane in the middle of Melbourne CBD is this little café that seems to have been converted from an old warehouse or garage.


The first impression I had when I walked into this café on a hot morning was how stuffy the place was, and that it lacked ventilation and air flow. There were only two fans in the café which made sitting inside the café not a very comfortable experience.


We ordered coffees ($3.50), smashed avocado with feta and lemon on sourdough with poached egg ($15) and a brekkie bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, red onion, basil and avocado with poached egg ($15.50).

The coffees were ok, and the dishes were very rustic in nature. The dishes reminded me of a home-cooked breakfast, and were fine but weren’t that special. For the price we were paying I expected something more from the dishes. The poached eggs were nicely cooked though, with silky yolk oozing out when we broke them.

Given that the food was ordinary, and the discomfort I experienced from the lack of air flow inside the café, it is unlikely that I will return to this café again.

Little Mule Cafe on Urbanspoon

The Little Mule Café

Address: 19 Somerset Place, Melbourne


Opening hours: 7:30 to 3:30 Monday to Friday; 9:30 to 3:30 Saturday

Accepts Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards, not American Express Credit Cards

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