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Frying Colours Korean Eating Place, Kensington.


Frying Colour is located on the corner of a busy road in Kensington, Melbourne. The restaurant has been opened since March 2014, and has a sleek and modern interior, with the use of wood and concrete to give it a distinctive and contemporary look.


From the moment we walked inside, the service from the staff was impeccable. They were very attentive and made us feel very warm and welcome. They were very accommodating when we requested to change tables so we could sit by the window. Throughout the night, they asked us for our opinions about the dishes we ordered and they were constantly filling up our glasses with water to ensure that our glasses were never empty. When a young child on another table dropped her mom’s glass of wine onto the floor, the staff calmed the child and her mom straight away, cleaned up the broken glass with the minimum of fuss, and gave the mom another glass of wine for free. At no point were the staff angry or upset but they were very reassuring and comforting to the child and her mother. It is very hard to find such great customer service nowadays.

Now onto the food.


Bimbimbap, vegetarian $18

We asked for the non stone bowl version, which they were able to accommodate. It was a nice simple dish, and giving us the sauce on the side to allow us to adjust for the level of spiciness was very thoughtful. The free side kimchi that came with this dish did not seem fresh though.


Zzampong Seafood Spicy Noodle (Today’s Special) $24

The noodles were not too soft and the spiciness was at the right level for our tastes. A simple but satisfying dish.


Beef Bulgogi Burger $16

The beef patty, although small, was tender with a good amount of seasoning. The other compliments in the burger such as the lettice, onion, ginger and cheese did not overpower the main star of this dish, which is the beef.


Slow Cooked Lamb Rib Frame Grilled (Today’s Special) $24

This was one of the star dishes of the night. The lamb was soft and tender, and melted in our mouths. There was a hint of a smoky flavour from the charred meat. The home grown sesame leaves complimented the flavour of the lamb. The addition of saffron was a nice touch to the dish.

img_1516 img_1520

Fried Chicken – Half and Half – Spicy and Sweet Soy $34

This was, by far, the best Korean fried chicken I have tried in Australia. The coating was light and crispy, and not overly dense. The chicken was soft and flavoursome. This was one of the most enjoyable dishes of the night, especially with a shot of soju.

Frying Colours is a great little restaurant with excellent food and nice friendly staff. This is a place I would come back again and again. If you are ever in Melbourne, this is a place you must visit!

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Frying Colours Korean Eating Restaurant


Address: 520 Macaulay Road, Kensington, Victoria

Phone: (03) 9939 9679

Opening hours: 12pm to 2.30pm Tuesday to Sunday, 5:30pm to late Monday to Sunday

Accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards

By Jono


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