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Jack’s Newtown


This new burger joint has just been opened in Newtown, and each day, a long line of people awaits to try one of their infamous burgers.  Social media has hyped up this place, with a recent article in Good Food suggesting that this may be the best burger place in Sydney, comparing it with the legendary American fast-food chain, Shake Shack.  However, reviews have since been mixed about this place, so we decided to brave the queues and try it out for ourselves.


Walking into the store at 5.15pm on a rainy Saturday night, there was already a long queue inside the store.  The store is very small, and can accommodate around 25 people.  It has a simple layout, with lots of small tables, and an open kitchen where you can see the workers at work.  The first impression we have of this place was the aroma coming from the open kitchen, with the smell of beef cooking on the open grill making us hungry as we waited in anticipation for our food.

The menu here is very simple, with a choice of Cheeseburger ($10), Bacon Cheeseburger ($12), Double Cheeseburger ($15) and a Vege Burger ($11).  Fries were also available for $5.  Unlike some other reviews we have read, there was no choice for us to add onions, so we presume their menu has changed.

Drinks offered at this place were termed “Sodas” and is $3 for a small cup and $4 for a large cup.  When asked further what sodas were available, we were told that the sodas were basically standard soft drinks, so we did not order any.  This was different to what we have read in other reviews, which suggested that they were offering their own sodas with 30% to 50% less sugar than standard soft drinks.  We also could not see any shakes on the menu, which we understood was offered on the menu previously.


We ordered a Double Cheeseburger, Bacon CheeseBurger and a serving of Fries.  They were ready for collection, in a small metal tray, after around 15 minutes wait.


The Fries were crinkle cut, which gave them some nice texture.  They were well seasoned, and were crispy and crunchy.




The appearance of the burgers was quite rustic, and no attempt has been made to make them look more glamourous.  The size of the burgers were quite small.  The buns of the burgers were soft, yet firm enough to absorb all the sauces and juices from the filling.  This may be due to the addition of a special ingredient in creating buns, which we understood to be mashed potatoes.

The patties were made with beef mince from Vic’s Meat, with a meat to fat ratio of about 80:20.  The result was a very flavoursome beef patty, with the beef being cooked to perfection.  The cheese just melted in our mouths, and the special sauce that was used in the burger had a tangy savoury flavour which lifted the burgers to another level.

The soft buns, combined with the rich beef patties and gooey cheese, literally melted in our mouths.  The burgers were really well made.

The Double Cheeseburger, with its double beef patties, had a much more richer beef flavour, compared to the other burger we tried.

The Bacon Cheeseburger included an additional piece of bacon, and the smokey flavour of the bacon complimented well with the flavours of the beef patty.

Overall, as a fast food burger joint, Jack’s Newtown really satisfies.  The burgers, although a bit small, are rich in flavour, and is a place to be if you are in the area and want a quick no-fuss burger fix.


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Jack’s Newtown


Address: 170 Missenden Road, Newtown

Phone Number: Not available

Opening hours: Tues to Fri: 5pm until sold out, Sat and Sun: 12pm until sold out

Accepts all major credit cards

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The Hub House Diner


Located on the main road in the inner west suburb of Dulwich Hill, Hub House Diner is a trendy little café selling American diner inspired food. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, the place was full with people of all ages.

After sitting down, a wait staff quickly asked us for our orders. The food came out relatively quickly. However, the bottle of water on our table was not filled, and because it was so hard to get the attention of a wait staff, we ended up getting up to grabbing a bottle of water ourselves.

Since most people there ordered the burgers, we also tried the burgers. We tried the Double Beef Cheese Burger and the House Beef Burger ($19 each).

IMG_1804 IMG_1806

The Double Beef Cheese Burger had double beef, American jack, onion, gherkin, mustard and ketchup, while the House Beef Burger had American jack, lettuce, onion, tomato, bacon, egg, beetroot relish and smokey BBQ sauce. Both were served on a specially designed wooden board with a serving of chips on the side.

The burgers were quite flavoursome, but unfortunately the beef patties were a bit dry. Maybe they were overcooked or there were not enough fat contents in the patties. However, the rest of the ingredients in each burger provided good balance of flavour. The buns were traditional burger buns, and they were firm enough to hold, yet soft to the mouth. However, the buns on one of the burgers we ordered were cold.

The chips were very crispy and was topped with some chicken salt. We devoured them quite quickly.

In conclusion, for the price we paid for the burgers, we expected better quality burgers than what was served. Maybe we should have tried other food here instead.

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Hub House Diner


Address: 410-412 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill 2203

Phone: (02) 9518 1887

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Friday, 7am til late; Saturday, 7:30am til late; Sunday 7:30am – 8pm

Accepts MasterCard and Visa for bills over $20

By Greg