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Inspired by the great Chinese tea-houses of the world, Pu’er is situated in the trendy inner city suburb of Waterloo, offering patrons with unique dim sum and share dish menu, complimented by a large variety of Oriental tea and tea infused beverages.

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The restaurant has a nice ambience, with Chinese styled porcelain tables and wooden chairs. There is an open kitchen where kitchen staff prepares the fresh and wonderful food from their menu.

We dined there on a Sunday night and the service from the staff was very attentive.

The name Pu’er is actually a variety of fermented dark tea produced in China. To reflect the name of the restaurant, the menu, sitting on a wooden board, consists of a wide range of tea-based drinks, from traditional teas to tea infused beverages. The food menu, however, is more concentrated.


Organic Misty Cloud $9

We ordered a pot of this tea, and this was served with a pot of hot water warmed by a candle, with the tea brewing in a separate flask, all served on a wooden tray. The wait staff explained how the tea ceremony worked and informed us that the best flavour from the tea would come about after the third infusion. The tea had a fresh nutty sweet flavour which became more subtle and delicate through further infusions.


Peaches and Phoenix $17

A blend of peach iced tea with phoenix tea, along with a kick of alcohol, this drink was slightly sweet with some wooden undertones, which was very refreshing.


Mushroom Pot Stickers $7

This pan-fried medley of shitake, champignon and straw mushroom dumplings had sticky skin with subtle mushroom flavours inside. The soft skin contrasted well with the crunchy fillings of mushroom and bamboo. They were lightly fried and were not oily at all. A nice entrée choice.


Pork and Peanut Dumplings $7

These dumplings were filled with Teo Chew style spiced pork, roasted crunchy peanut and shitake mushroom. The infusion of flavours and textures from these little gems were awesome – we were able to taste the spiciness from the chilli, feel the crunchiness from the nuts, and experience the softness from the skin which absorbed the saltiness from the pork. The skins on the dumplings seem thicker than traditional Chinese dumplings, but we thought this was done on purpose in order for the skin to absorb the flavours of the sauce from the filling. A very enjoyable dish.


Caramelised Berkshire Pork Belly $24

This main dish appeared small but was really tasty. The first thing we noticed when the dish was brought out was the smell of tea in the air from the dish. The pork was soft and easy to chew, and its meat just melted in our mouths without falling apart. The crackling was crispy and light. This dish had the taste of traditional Chinese tea and spices, which went down well with a bowl of rice. The inclusion of tea eggs was a nice touch and reminded us of Chinese marbled tea eggs. We thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

Twice Cooked Shandong Chicken $29

This consisted of free range chicken and shitake which was slow cooked and pan fried. The sauce, which had a heavy vinegar flavour, was served on the side. This was a modern rendition of a classic Chinese dish, with the sauce on offer being more sweeter than the sauce from the traditional dish. The chicken was cooked to perfection, with the meat being soft and the skin being crispy. Jono found this dish delicious, but I thought the sauce was too sweet for my palate.


Lemongrass Pannacotta $10

This pannacotta was served with black sesame soup and smoked melon. The watermelon which was smoked with lemongrass had a weird taste, but apart from that, the texture of the pannacotta was perfect and it went well with the black sesame. This was a nice dessert to end our meals.


Coconut and Kaffir Lime Leaf Sorbet $10

The sorbet was served in a coconut shell from a young coconut, with coconut water and black sticky rice on the side. The whole dish carried out the coconut theme well. It was subtly sweet and delicious.

Pu’er is a great place where people can enjoy great Chinese food in a setting that is comfortable and open. It is interesting to see how traditional Chinese dishes have been modernised here, and with a pot of tea and a few dishes, we can imagine people sitting here for hours chatting away and enjoying life (as well as the great food and drinks). For the novice in Chinese cuisine, Pu’er is a great place to begin your experience in the variety of flavours that Chinese cuisine has on offer.

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Address: 20a Dank Street, Waterloo

Phone: (02) 8399 1331

Opening Hours: Tues to Fri, 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to late; Sat to Sun, 12pm to late

Accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express

By Greg

Australia, Sydney, Sydney - Inner West

The Hub House Diner


Located on the main road in the inner west suburb of Dulwich Hill, Hub House Diner is a trendy little café selling American diner inspired food. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, the place was full with people of all ages.

After sitting down, a wait staff quickly asked us for our orders. The food came out relatively quickly. However, the bottle of water on our table was not filled, and because it was so hard to get the attention of a wait staff, we ended up getting up to grabbing a bottle of water ourselves.

Since most people there ordered the burgers, we also tried the burgers. We tried the Double Beef Cheese Burger and the House Beef Burger ($19 each).

IMG_1804 IMG_1806

The Double Beef Cheese Burger had double beef, American jack, onion, gherkin, mustard and ketchup, while the House Beef Burger had American jack, lettuce, onion, tomato, bacon, egg, beetroot relish and smokey BBQ sauce. Both were served on a specially designed wooden board with a serving of chips on the side.

The burgers were quite flavoursome, but unfortunately the beef patties were a bit dry. Maybe they were overcooked or there were not enough fat contents in the patties. However, the rest of the ingredients in each burger provided good balance of flavour. The buns were traditional burger buns, and they were firm enough to hold, yet soft to the mouth. However, the buns on one of the burgers we ordered were cold.

The chips were very crispy and was topped with some chicken salt. We devoured them quite quickly.

In conclusion, for the price we paid for the burgers, we expected better quality burgers than what was served. Maybe we should have tried other food here instead.

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Hub House Diner


Address: 410-412 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill 2203

Phone: (02) 9518 1887

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Friday, 7am til late; Saturday, 7:30am til late; Sunday 7:30am – 8pm

Accepts MasterCard and Visa for bills over $20

By Greg